Delaware Business Events

Whether you are interested in events in Delaware, or events in Wilmington, the Business Calendar Network offers a growing number of business events covering the Delaware startup scene. You can add your events. Or, you can add the Calendar to your own web site and join the Business Calendar Network.

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Find the Events that Matter in Delaware

The Business Calendar Network aggregates business events from organizations around Delaware – Delaware BioScience Association, Technology Forum of Delaware, and Delaware Emerging Technology Center, among others – connecting entrepreneurs and professionals with the ideas, people, and resources they need to grow their business and build their careers. Even though we call it a calendar, the Business Calendar Network is not about the events. It is about improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem of a region, to create a startup-friendly environment that nurtures entrepreneurship.

Is your organization part of the Business Calendar Network?

The Calendar is designed to integrate easily into any web site, in 30 minutes or less. There is no programming involved, and you can filter the events so that your Calendar shows exactly the events that are important to your members and web visitors. Put the Business Calendar Network on your web site today.

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A Thousand Web Sites in One

With traditional calendars, an event posted to a web site is likely to be seen only by a small number of people who either already know about the organization or happen to stumble across the event on a search engine. With the Basecamp Business Calendar Network, every web site becomes an access point to the entire Calendar Network, so visitors can get a complete view of everything happening in their area, without having to visit hundreds if not thousands of web sites. Learn more.

How Do We Gather the Events?

  • Our 10 for 500 program allows our sponsors and members to have us monitor the web sites of the organizations they consider essential for their region or industry. They can ask us to monitor 10, 20, 50, or even more organizations, depending on their membership or sponsorship level.  We track these organizations intensively.
  • The organizations themselves enter events, either for themselves or for their partners.
  • Individuals contribute events. Any registered visitor can add an event. We review it for appropriateness before we approve it for publication.
  • We pull events from Eventbrite, Meetup, and Ticketleap.  These services make "feeds" of their events available, and we gather the events appropriate for a business audience.
  • We track important organizations.  We search for the "events that matter" anywhere we find them.

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